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bio of an asian fangirl

I'm a Filipino girl. I love 櫻井翔。 He is my human teddy bear that I can run to when I feel depressed~♫ I hope to be a newscaster just like him~! I can't forget about 松本潤, though! Currently, my favorite JE group is 嵐, although NEWS has a special, although diminishing, place in my heart. I also love V6; my favorites are 井ノ原快彦 & 三宅健. 宇多田ヒカル is one of my favorite singers; my iPod consists mostly of her songs!

I am also into lolita, but I don't own much lolita because funds are low, and Johnny-san likes stealing my money D< I like punk, sweet, and gothic lolita. I think 直人広岡 is a great designer and I admire his clothes. I especially like h.NAOTO Blood and Hn+nois .

Did I mention that I love fangirling?

70% of my entries consist of fangirling:DD; the other 30% is about my life. Please don't add me unless we have something in common.

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